Play Pokemon Go Without Moving or Walking

Lets Learn How you can play Pokemon Go At home, You can play this game without moving. thats amazing. Its also interesting and You also want to know. So, let’s start

Lets Do it

Requirment for This Trick

✔ Fake Gps Andriod App – Download Here

✔ Moke Location Must be on Otherwise FakeGps App not working . You Can enable it Via Setting>developer>Tick or Untick the Mock Location

If there is no developer option in setting then Goto About and Repeatly press 7 times in build Version section. You will get a message that your developer mode enabled.

✔ Its obvious you Have Installed Pokemon Go App

Steps to Play Pokemon Go At Home:

1. Firstly Open PokemonGo Game and Start

2. Now You see a Map in pokemon Go app

3. Now Minimize your game and Open Fake Gps app
now double click the map in which you want to send your player

4. Now Click On Set Location And Minimize Fake Gps App

5. Now open your PokemonGo game from recent tabs

Boom ! I Jumped From India To Mexico 😁. Your Player Moved to that location where You select in Fake Gps App

Now Enjoy by Sitting At Home



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  1. Tnx
    Kp and dipal
    I create account in iphone form ur help

    1. To be able to do that you should use the Mod Apk version, when you play the game comfortably, not harder, when I see on share a lot of free Mod Apk games that you need.

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