How To Get Free 1GB 3G Internet Every Month From Vodafone

Hey fellas! Today I thought to post about Vodafone internet trick. Personally, I have tried this trick several times on Vodafone and it is working absolutely fine. Before showing you this trick. I will be explaining you some important points too. Many of them knows about this trick and many of them doesn't know about it. I thought to share with you friends. As we all know that Vodafone is an international company which is having billions and trillions of users around the world and in this they would be having trillions of turnover. So If we would take a bit part of it there is no issues at all :D

How To Get Vodafone Free 3G Internet

This trick is about porting your sim card to other vendor. You won't be doing this but you will be sending this message to your sim card vendor and no company wants their users to switch to different vendor and they will call you and ask the reason about it. Sir! Why you want to port and you have to be polite and give them the reason that Vodafone is having damn high price of internet and then they will give you internet or something else but that is for sure they will give you something.

When the Vodafone executive will be calling you the first thing which is important is to be polite and he will be asking you following questions.
Q.1) Sir ! Why you have to Port your sim card?
Ans) Actually! Sir I am having issues with your internet because Your internet prices are going high day by day and this is really irritating a lot. I love the internet speed of your Vodafone but because of prices I am switching from Vodafone.

Q.2) Sir! Have you given your documents to any sim card provider or anyone?
Ans) No! I am gathering the documents and I was about to go in 30 to 45 minutes.

Q.3) Sir we will be providing you free internet and for 1 month and that's too for free we will be activating this service within 48 hours
Ans) Ok! Sir (Don't be over excited be polite and talk with him in English. If possible or you are fluent in English, or else speak in your mother tongue no issues at all)

Note - This Call Is Important to Receive,  If you missed this call then you won't get 3G and you have to wait for 15 to 20 days for next port message.

How To Send Port Message To Vodafone

Step 1: Open your phone messenger and compose one new message

Step 2: Write "PORT Your number" and send this message to 1900
for example
PORT 97739*****

Step 3: Now, Send this message and you are done

Step 4: You will get the pin and don't disclose this pin to anyone and make sure that you answer that call or else you have to wait for 15 days.

Note - If they are giving other skim such as low call rates or free SMS take that don't say them I don't need. We don't give any kind of guaranteed that they will give you internet so please don't shoot any negative comments and if it works for you shoot a comment below.

Thank you for visiting and try this trick again and again and keep visiting for more tricks and free internet



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