10 Interesting things about college Romance

Every colleges have some boys and girls whose relationship is like lovebirds. They always sit n walk together. Even some of us have similar stories. So here is some all known things about this lovebird's relationship.

Girl and boy meet by common Friends.

2. They know all the secret places of college.

3. They always worry about someone see them from the relatives of  both.

4. If Boy and Girl belong from the different cities their college attendance is full.

5. They always pronouce each other weird like Babu, Baby, Jaanu,  Shona, etc. and jealous their single friends.

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6. They always have specific corner table in the college canteen for their Foody romance.

7. If their BFF plan something they always count two seats for lovebirds.

8. They always think about their future and blush on it.

9. They simply relate on Bollywood rom-coms.

10. They always suffer from hooting while other person is not around.



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