Tips To Increase Battery backup Of Android Phone 2015

Easiest Trick To Increase Battery Backup Of Any Android Phone/Device (1st Trick Without Using Any App) (2nd Trick Using App)

One of the major drawbacks in using an android mobile phone is the poor battery lifetime that leaves the users with a great disappointment.Most of the batteries today will no longer last for more than a day if it is being used heavily.Eventhough most of the high reputed manufacturers like sony,samsung and htc tends to provide a better battery backup it still remains as an unimplemented task.This post will reveal some minor tweaks and changes that will help to extend and maintain the battery lifetime for any android mobile.

Increase your Android phone's Battery Life

1st Trick to increase battery backup:- No need to use any App (By Adjusting Animation Scales)

In this method i will tell you a very simple method to increase Battery backup of android without any app. This method will work on almost every android phone.

Step to increase battery backup of android:
  • Open Setting in your Android Device.
  • Now scroll down and click on about phone.
  • Now you will see a option build number there.
  • Tap 7-10 Times on the Build number and you see developer option will get activated.
  • Now get back to settings and a new option Developer Option will get added there.
  • Click on Developer option and scroll down you will see options Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation scale and Animation Duration scale.
  • Now By default their value would be 1.0 set them To 0.5 Or Off them all
Thats it you are done this will Increase your battery backup of Android upto 30-40%

2nd Trick to Increase Battery backup:- Using Greenify App ( Root required )

After having root privilege to your android phone you can boost batter power of Android With this app. Greenify app just Hibernate the apps which are not currently in use. But this is not as same as the common hibernating apps as in this app there is also cache stored which will not let the app to stop completely. By hibernating apps the work load of   background running apps on your battery get reduced to much extent and your battery backup gets boost.

Steps to increase Battery backup of Android Using Greenify App :
  • Download and Install Greenify App From Google play Store.
  • Now open the app and grant it the superuser access.
  • Now click on + Button on the top of the app and select the apps which you think you mostly use.
  • click on the Tick mark.
Thats it you are done now this app will automatically hibernate that apps when they are not in use and saves a lot of battery of your Android.
If you have any query in this steps comment Here
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